Following your passion will bring friends + other releases

Some of you might know but after 100% Electronicon I went straight to Japan. I’ve settled in, got into a weird sleeping pattern but it’s past midnight and I jet lag has let me get back into the daily releases.

It was super cool to hear how much everyone really liked all these daily releases in person, but a lot of concern that I might quit one day. I don’t know what gave off that impression but if there’s anything I’m religiously involved in it’s making sure I produce at least one piece of content every day for the Vapor scene. As such the daily releases are my top priority next to releasing videos weekly. So don’t worry about that at all.

Today we have some cool Japan Synth, Late Night Lofi, Animal Crossing inspirated music and even some Sonic Adventure Battle 2 sounds. It’s a good day in the physical releases side of things too. Enjoy any of the music? Let me know on twitter or instagram

Physical Releases

Port Island by Tsudio Studio (“Port Island” LP)

I was talking to Porter Vong (in IRL) about how I have this firm believe that if I work on my passion and define myself not by my work but building up who I really am, I will attract the people in my life I should be around. This includes my future wife. Something deep inside me, at the core of my heart, is this passion I have for the love of listening to music. And when that right album, track or aesthetic hits me I have to do everything in my power to share that with someone. Hence why I started Musics the Hang Up. Hell It bought me to 100% Electronicon! This album right here is an example of that.

Everything I love in finding new music and one that pushes my sound boundaries a little more in uniqueness and here I am writing about it. Now if only I could find someone who would appreciate sitting down listening to this album with me for an hour. It’s midnight on my second night in Tokyo, this album feels like the start of an incredible adventure so I had to purchase it on vinyl

Plug In, Drop Out by Golden Living Room (Limited Edition CS)

Originnally released in 2013 this early experimental ambient has a lot of related sounds of vapor. Track, Into New Dreams, gives me that dreamy feel of playing Sonic Adventure Battle 2 on the gamecube. Persistantly and qucikly going through level to get animals and Chaos Drives to create the ultimate Chao. Actually this whole album gives off that Sonic vibe. Totally recommend checking out and buyinng the cassette.

MOTORCITYナイトシフト by P U D E R P O L L I (First Edition Cassette)

I met Gulf Audio at 100% Electronicon and I’m so happy I did. I love this label a lot and enjoyed interviewing them a few months back. So to meet one of the guys in person for reals it was surreal. MOTORCITY is a late night lofi album mixed with vaporfunk that brings out that cityscape imagery in the dusk sky. Grab it on cassette.

The Anthem of Aces by TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL (First Edition 12″ Vinyl)

This is the definition of a good vaporfunk album and how different it is from Future Funk. Reverb plays a heavy role in the sound of the album and it\’s interesting how stops are treated as a music advancement. The Sax is also a primary instrument on this but in that cool only in the 80s kind of feel. Now on cassette.

Digital Releases

Unknown Displeasures by reznorwave

I think the description says it all “Plug in your old Nintendo console and start playing. Try to forget about the day. Get lost in a world full of strange noises, shapes and an unhealthy amount of Trent Reznor pictures. This game is a journey through a dark mind and maybe you’ll find a way out. Life is a game meant to be lost. No cheats. No multiplayer. No joy. Unknown Displeasures will let you down. You’re welcome. “

南禅寺 by 香港快運2083

I guess various bans in discord will lead to having a song written about you as we see in the second track, FPS (Fuck PrivateSuite). The track gives me a Mortal Combat vibe. I’ll let those guys battle out their differences.

Nothing by 3D BLAST

I did not get a chance to see 3D blast at 100% Electronicon but this new single makes me regret that decision very much. It was like 2am when he went on and I was too tired to stay up any longer. This tracks mixes Poison, Video Game music and hyper active stabs that I bet feels amazing live. What a shame I missed out on this guy.

Tone Collection by 氷河

A collection of short broken transmission. Although short in nature, each track gives off a strong impression and imagery that makes you want to pause for a second and reflect on.

forest by gengVr

Another short track length album. This time each track describes a specific hour walking through a mysterious forest. With 24 hours in total and a boot up and shutdown experience, it’s cute. I would describe this as animal crossing meets broken transmission.

Tomorrow, 2096 by 沙漠里的沙子晚上很温暖

A new experimental ablum out by Desert Sand Feels Warm At Night, under a new alias 沙漠里的沙子晚上很温暖. I’m getting massive telepath and 2814 vibes from this but in an original wave. Something more upbeat and lively from the typical Slushwave Desert Sand puts out. I like this new alias sound. I’ll be listening to more of this throughout the week.

Flora Miranda’s LaLaLand Fashion Show (Original Soundtrack) by t e l e p a t h

If seeing T e l e p a t h this weekend wasn’t enough of a gift, he comes out with a new full album. In collaboration with Flora Miranda for their LaLaLand Fashion Show, everything you love about T e l e p a t h is back and beautiful. Flora Miranda was also the one who made the amazing costume for T e l e p a t h ‘s set at 100% Electronicon.

So what did you guys think of today’s releases? Find anything cool or buy a cassette? Come share it with us on the discord and hang out with other vaporwave fans!

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