Uncle Squiddz – a vaporwave artist who uses analog synths (interview)

Show Notes

You may know him today as Uncle Squiddz but this stable in our artist has in the vaporwave scene for quite some time. Starting off his music production with the name [[stellar 성 적 인 날]] you make know his album such as d r e a m c a s t 기억 and An Affair in Nagasaki

Before those albums become more well known he was making fun of the vaporwave scene with c a s s e t t e c o l l e c t o r and ▣世界から解放され▣ But It’s Mallsoft. Mainly as an attempt to discourage cassette resellers but after seeing actually how fun and artistic it it allowed him to be he started taking thing more seriously.

In this episode we talked about how his first album d r e a m c a s t 기억 was made to relive his childhood playing dreamcast. Also stating that a lot of the first part songs on the dreamcast such as Crazy Taxi, Sonic Adventure and other had amazing music. Even so much so that he took a track off a bass fishing game which ultimately become his favorite song, F i s h i n g, off the album.

Through his time releasing music he has also had a chance to have a few cassette runs with some of his favorite labels. An Affair in Nagasaki made it to Seaside Tapes An Introduction to made it to Palm ’84, and A Trip Through Yellowstone on Seikomart. The Most Beautiful Mall in the World can still be bought on cassette on power_lunch corporation.

What I find most interesting about his production process is he stays away from sampling. Using a Yamaha Reface CS and Yamaha Reface XD along with a Korg Volca Samples for drums he’s about to create his extremely unique sound for our scene.

His next album, Cheap Foods, will be coming out in the following weeks or so stay tuned for more details.

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