TUPPERWAVE announces two vinyl on Qrates


This album was originnally released in January of 2017, TUPPERWAVE’s second album SHAKOTAN EMPIRE シャコタン can be all yours for a reserve of 20 USD. This 12″ beautiful red wine vinyl cotnainns 13 core tracks found on the original release as well as a bonus track titled Happiness 幸せは終わった. The whole album is very true to the vaporwave genre and cool to see this side of the early days of TUPPERWAVE. 22 Days remain.

TUPPERWAVE – 1 9 9 3

This was the worlds first introduction to the name we all know as TUPPERWAVE. This first album, 1 9 9 3 originally released in 2016 is now available for funding for a vinyl release with Qrates. This funky album is printed in a killer vaporwave vibe mint color and can we give some praise to that album art? Super clean and super early VW Aesthetic. This release comes with the originnal 15 tracks and can be all yours for a $20.00 Reserve.

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