George Clanton Releases several Vinyl + other news

Scene News

This album has made it to cassette, mini disc and now vinyl. Luckily for us we are getting a pre-order for this because the last two has solid out instantly. Not sure how many will be in this edition so don’t sleep on it when Aloe City Records releases it Friday the 14th, at 9PM BST.

Physical Releases

100% Electronica by George Clanton (Gak® Green Splatter vinyl)

For the first time in proper vinyl release, Georgle Clanton’s album that started it all for him, 100% Electronica, is now out in a wonderful Gak Green splatter vinyl. In addition to being limited an edition of 1000 it comes with a Borken Leg George foil trading card. This is an essential in the scene and with the 1000 run no reason why you should miss purchasing it.

$20 for the Green Splatter Vinyl and 2-pack with slides for $40.

Digital Releases

Hieroglyphics by Maiden Chelsea

I got half way through the Hieroglyphics track before I remembed I was writing the daily news. I was enjoying the vaporwave / soundscape of this album that much. Around the 11 minute mark I was invaded by aliens so that’s something.

sample text by .tif

That introduction in \’sample text\’ was so pure. I never did experience my local news station switching from analog to digital. How surreal that must of been in the early 2000s.

༒༖༒ by Mutant Talons

The album track idea of these weird characters or symbols is cool but I noticed a theme in the synth used on each track and kind of got bored.

Cityscape (Tokyo EP) by Night Tempo

I know I know, I reported on this yesterday but no one seems to be checking it out. I think the album is a nice change in our scene and want to give Night Tempo the credit he deserves.

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