So many cassettes released today! (future girlfriend, Ahero, & more)


Scene News

Vaporreality, a vaporwave stable (imo) has all their music at a 95% discount using code “Daily” check our their bandcamp and see if you like something. I recommend the Week series (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc)

Physical Releases

Through Space To See You (Deluxe Edition) by Future Girlfriend Music

Through Space To See You (Deluxe Edition) by Future Girlfriend Music ([NCR027] Deluxe Edition Cassette (Begin shipping in 3 weeks))

I love this album, Future Girlfriend has such a great vibe and mixed with Japanese Anime clips, its perfect. You can buy the cassette nonw for 14 USD and it comes with 3 bonus tracks.

Stratospheres by Ahero

Stratospheres by Ahero (Limited Edition Cassette Repress)

A cassette a lot of people have been waiting for. It’s finally back on cassette and with only 50 in this run, you better grab it fast. If you haven’t listened to our interview yet, check it out to learn more about this album.

Codename: Fatwave Therapy by Fat Man Miami

Codename: Fatwave Therapy by Fat Man Miami (Limited Edition Cassette)

One of my favorite sounds in the scene Fat Man Miami is back at it with a new album and it\’s available now on cassette. I haven’t had a chance to listen to the whole album properly but the first track has that Miami feel I love of his artist.

Bigger Grooves by Neon Vectors

Bigger Grooves by Neon Vectors ([NCR028] Limited Edition Cassette (Begin shipping in 3 weeks))

Another cassette with Neon City Records. great electro house feel. I ejnoyed the song Slow Nites. Cassette comes with a Neon City Sticker.

Baja Jams Vol. 1 by Chucky Persona

Baja Jams Vol. 1 by Chucky Persona (Handmade Limited Edition Baja Cassette)

Fotoshoppe is out with 3 cassettes today. This was the first one not so much descriptionn on the album track list but A3 and B4 were cool. Some vaporwave / eccojams music.

◀ Enter The Gecko ▶ by LIZZ

◀ Enter The Gecko ▶ by LIZZ (Handmade Limited Edition Gecko Cassette)

GEX was a huge part of my childhood. I was fortunate enough to get a Gameboy as a kid and pick out two games. GEX and Pokemon Blue. I’m happy to see this title get a vaporwave feel cause it’s hitting good today.

Digital Releases

𝙨𝙪𝙣𝙙𝙖𝙮 by 𝐒𝐮𝐧𝐝𝐚𝐲

It’s finally Sunday. (btw get 90% off all Vaporreality music with code “Daily”. I\’m super grateful to have been part of this daily release with vaporreality. I think my favorite album was Saturday as Saturday was actually a very great day for me. I saw my EX and we kind of cleaned up any hate or whatever we had for each other since we broke up over a year ago. I\’m leaving China and I had to say a few things to her before I left. It wasn\’t exactly perfect but I\’m just happy I had the chance to talk to her. Well back to the album.. I guess part of me is just very happy to have all this music from Vaporreality. I’m going to use their code and purchase all the albums now.

Cityscape (Tokyo EP) by Night Tempo

Night Tempos lo-fi hip-hop album. I\’m digginng it he released a single two weeks ago, nonw we have aonther. I wonder if we’ll get a full album full of Lo-Fi. I wonder what got him playing in this genre.

۞再発見۞ by ACTIONЯƎꟼ⅃AY

A pretty decent ambient album, I was reading a comment about one of the supporters who bought the album and mesmerizing is a great description of this. You know what his whole review is perfect “A mesmerizing album that keeps perfect pace by evolving its weirdness slowly so as to never bore or lose you in its insanity. I’m transfixed”

Disintegration by Milbentia

This is an ambeint album for dark days. With songs like Deep Sky, Dark Clouds annd Decayed Landscape this is an album you put on during a storm.

These are all the things you could ever need by San Raf

This is that when you\’re looking at a wonderful breath taking scene but 90s basketball is life. Could you want anything more? The whistle or whatever in the first song hurts my ears too much, just like a ref calling a foul with 10 seconds left and the opposing team gets some free throws. Shits not fun.

Volume Gray by other boys

Another glitchy blips and bops ambient album off 7FORM. Reminds me of a live recording when I’m messing with a virtual sequencer (Rack)

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