Strawberry Dreams by Strawberry Station (MiniDisc) up for preorder

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Strawberry Dreams by Strawberry Station

Strawberry Dreams by Strawberry Station (*MiniDisc Edition*)

This is a MiniDisc pre-order which i think is so much better than what some of the other labels are doing lately for MiniDisc. They do a 20-25 run and it instantly sells out. MiniDisc is becoming very popular in our scene and it’s good people will be able to grab this one.

Physical Releases

Soulhealing by Isaac Ascii

Soulhealing by Isaac Ascii (Limited Edition Cassette plus Digital Download)

a limited run of only 25 cassettes. I think the song free ad easy explain this album pretty well, so listen to it and get the cassette if you dig.

Digital Releases

saturday by 𝘀𝗮𝘁𝘂𝗿𝗱𝗮𝘆

s♥a♥t♥u♥r♥d♥a♥y is the best of the s a t u r d a y vibes.


Looking at the release originally this came out in 2015 and now it’s on bandcamp. The fews song I listened to sounds like early vaporwave. I like it.

Planet Mansion by Goamae

“When I was in my prime, I created a small planet for my secret lover, half the size of the moon… I built a mansion there, a mansion of seven rooms through seven dimensions.”

GAME by tendo

I love me some well produced chiptune. This album, Game, hits the spot for me. In a past life i was a chiptuner. I always dreamed of making music this good.

クリス夏 by SYNTHラブ

I don’t konw the original song of Ra, but damn was that powerful even slowed down. I too been working on findig the real me and even tho this song almost feels disney like, it being vaped up on some vaporwave, i enjoyed it a lot. Then on second lesson I was annoyed, lol. Well played

Jingles Vol. 1 by mannequi

This is an ablum of pretty short (average 25 seconds) of almost ringtones until the last song, Baroque. Which still feels ringtone like but it’s just longer. lol. idk about this album.

CUBISM+ by SSL Deluxx

2 tracks about 7 minutes each. I really like how the first song starts off like a video game OST and progressively got worst in quality. Kind of a interesting feel.

DEFORMITY / SUNBURN by healing wounds

I know a little secret about the album cover but won’t post it publicly. I’ve started to become friends with the guys behind 7form, expect more details about their label in the future. Got 40 minutes to listen to glitchy ambient here’s a 1 track album for you.

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