Palm ’84. and TUPPERWAVE battle it out to 1000 followers

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There was an intense battle today as two twitter accounts battled it out over who would get to 1000 followers first. With Heavy Weight Champion and label Palm ’84 promising discounts on all their cassettes if they beat TUPPERWAVE, new comer and artist TUPPERWAVE didn’t stand a chance.

Eventually, Palm ’84’s right hook was too much and we saw this tweet, it was all over:

Fortunately for both the Label and the Artist, they both made it to 1k followers today without too much struggle. TUPPERWAVE has been promoting since May 24th, that he thinks he could get to 1000 in 2 weeks… he got it in 2.5 but see what promoting an awesome giveaway can achieve~ Glad to see both fighters achieve their goals. Here’s to another 1k!

If you’re not already following each accounts, check out their accounts here: Tupperwave | Palm ’84

Side note, there was no battle. just wanted to joke about this to congratulate both parties on their achievement.

Physical Release

ಂ³ by Various Artists

ಂ³ by Various Artists (Double Cassette)

Although only one track is playable in preview I know this double cassette will be super experimental. Containing 23 different tracks from various artist, this is a great art piece to own if you’re into experimental music and 7FORM.

失恋Rhapsody [EP] by Sugarcream幻想

失恋Rhapsody [EP] by Sugarcream幻想 (Cassette カセット(Sleeve type))

How about that future funk on this album? Originally out in 2017, this second cassette press comes with a great looking sleeve. The album sound so classic, I love it. Retro yet new. Not overly produced that it loses its sampled feel.

American Truck Songs 8 by OK Oil Co. & AZURESANDS大麻

American Truck Songs 8 by OK Oil Co. & AZURESANDS大麻 (limited CONVOY edition cassette)

This strange mash up vaporwave and country western music is finally out on cassette. Only 9 left so get it quick if this is your thing.

Digital Releases

TWA: Travel With Attitude by TWA

The first artist release on First Class Collective, oddly enough travel themed. TWA has been in the scene for a bit under other names and his craft is getting better and better. With songs like Airport Blues feeling super groovy you’re in for a calm flight with some vapor funk to keep the journey fun.

Originality by creative_reality17

Feels like a couple days have gone by since we got a Creative_Reality17 release. Luckily for us we got two today. Originality sounds great, off the bad feels like an adventure space sim. Then a little reggae feel in the second track. The whole album feels like it would make a great video game soundtrack. Glad he’s back.

She Walk Alone う者姻 by AWITW

She walked alone is a strong synth based album. This is AWITW first release since joining the B O G U S // Collective. Great start showing off their musical talent with this chillwave experimental album.

Cold Fusion by the hunter / the architect

mash up of experimental mental sounds. Sort of gets a beat going after 40 seconds on the first track. then the layers and sounds. This is an album you put headphones on, get a strobe like infront of your eyes and see how long you can last before you go insane lol.


The first track is sampled off “Theme from ‘6 Million Dollar Man”. The intro is a little harsh but stay with it cause the synth gets going and then his bouncy bass comes in but then secondary synth sounds out of tune TT_TT. I guess this is what it sounds like to have the technology to rebuild something.

Ded Wait by Psetta

I wonder of the vocals is Psetta, I was getting into the first track, Low Mid Hi. Art Pop or electro experimenntal. Cool.

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