TUPPERWAVE releases lo-fi album on cassette + 5 other releases

Welcome to the daily news and releases of July 21st, 2019 for the Future Funk and Vaporwave scene. Today we’re seeing some lo-fi albums, classic vaporwave and some ambient you’re totally going to want to check out.

Meta – Groove Horizons

Groove Horizons show visuals

Last night I went to literally the best concert of my life, no less the fact it was Future Funk but last night at Groove Horizons the show was mad. Hanging out with Mr. Wax, Mélonade, Strawberry Station, Ev.exi and the rest of the crew like a dream. We ended up ending around 4:30am and lets just say 3 hours of sleep is hitting me hard. I did do a lot of behind the scene and show footage that I’ll be turning into a little mini doc. So expect that in the following week.

Physical Releases

SHAKOTAN EMPIRE シャコタン by TUPPERWAVE (Limited Edition Cassette)

TUPPERWAVE’s new vaporwave album is now out on cassette with a small run of 20 cassettes. This is Tupperwaves first release in the lo-fi hip-hop genre completely different than his normal upbeat sound. When it comes to cruising in the city you’re going to want this album playing in the background to making getting to your unknown destination a night to remember. The longer you listen to the album it feels like your on a late night GTA delivery run mission and you gotta stay chill on the road to not alert the cops.

Digital Releases

Ellen Rage by Ellen Rage

Every once in a while I enjoy a good chuckle when an artist comes out with a clever spin on an actors name (Com Truise, Pad Chennington) and this time we got Ellen Rage. Though, Rage is not a theme of this album at all. This album almost comes together like a collection of melancholic beats which distinctly stands out from other vaporwave. Which can be attributed to the focus on drums instead of the samples in the mixing.

The Phaser Manual // DMT​​​​​-​​​​​728 by Devaso House

This is the continuation of the Vapor Probe series. This album hold closer to glitcher noisy sounds on some songs (grinding at this vaporgame) and then heavily distorted even ambient like vapor (nonstop notifications).

From The Start by BITOブレスアップ

According to the description, BITOブレスアップ has hit us with this vaporwave album on his own birthday. What a kind gift considering how classic this album is feeling. So go listen to this album to celebrate his birthday with him.

Smiley 笑う by waterfront dining

The first track, missing u, to the album introduces you to the nice world of vaporwave. Then the song “apple eye” comes in like a feeling like a queer night jam. It’s something in the singers voice and that little dialog in the start. We don’t usually get that kind of feel from vaporwave, so in a way, what waterfront dining did there is kind of progressive. On top of the rest of the album, that album art is top notch, i think it gives off a perfect feel for the whole album.

000051 by slowgramming

I just started following the artist slowgramming, so it was cool to see he released a new single today. Playing off that area 51 feels, this has a great spacy sound with a chillout drum line and phat bass line. Blending between almost signalwave and lo-fi, for a 2:25 track there’s a lot creativity going on inn this song.

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