Future Girlfriend, FIBRE, scamlines, Skule Toyama releases + more

Pink Dance EP ピンクのダンス by Future Girlfriend (Future Girlfriend Pink Dance EP ピンクのダンス – 10″ vinyl version)

Originally released in 2015 on business casual on cassette, today we are graced with the full EP on vinyl. A 10\” vinyl but with that updated album art you too can own a classic in the Future Funk scene. Limited to 300 copies.

2014​-​2016 by FIBRE (Limited Edition Picture Disc Vinyl)

This was a very well received album when it was first released and with cassette selling out we all hoped to get a vinyl release. Today we have that with a full printed album with that beautiful album art. Grab you one of these awesome funk albums, shipping in 2 months.

Laced Liquid Lies by Mitch Porsche (Limited Edition Cassette)

Just when I thought the releases for Friday couldn’t get better Mitch Porsche gives us this amazing future bass album. The groove on Hot Lights is has that perfect female vocals, glitch and male singing that really shows off his music production skills. I don’t know why it gives me this feeling but I kind of miss an ex girlfriend now.

E​​​:​​​den by scamlines (Handmade Limited Edition Definitive OS Cassette)

“This album takes you on the ride of your neuro-digital life. Never will your brain be more soothed than the mechanical, un-reprogrammable sounds of the E:den. This LP takes you back to the golden age of technology; Windows ’98 was still the definitive OS and going strong, and the computer was at its peak.\” Pretty good ambient and vapor. I enjoyed the first two tracks.

𝔾𝕠𝕕𝕕𝕖𝕤𝕤 by ᔕᙡᓮᙢ ᔕᗢᘎᒪᔕ (Limited Edition Cassette)

Just like the Restaurant album that came out today. This album also has a very oriental feel to it. It’s very apparent on the first track, Iɴᴛᴇʀɪᴏʀɪᴢᴇ Tʜᴇ Exᴛᴇʀɪᴏʀ Wᴏʀʟᴅ, with the chimes and oriental melody.

Restaurant by the Basin by Sunset Inc. and Hallmark ’87 (LIMITED EDITION CASSETTE [ o o ])

Restaurant by the Basin by Sunset Inc. and Hallmark ’87 (LIMITED EDITION CASSETTE)

There’s something extremely nostalgic with the cassette having a gold foil printing and the text/graphics in red sitting on top of it. Brings back memories of chinese take out and old kong fu movies. What’s even better is the quality of the music though, atmospheric ambient with chinese instrumentation. and it’s not ambient to fall a sleep too but that wakes up that inner peace for a motivational day ahead. beautiful album. I think I might do a full review on it.

Skule Toyama Vinyl

Toyama’s Love Island by Skule Toyama (Toyoma’s Love Island Vinyl Edition – In Stock)

After selling out on cassette and MiniDisc, we finally have Toyama’s Love Island on a beautiful transparent pink. If you’ve got the money, you’re totally going to want to pick this one up. It’s pure class for the future funk sound and scene.

Visions by Surfing

The second single from upcoming album “Emotion”. Surfing is really on another level in the scene and really blurring that line between bedroom pop and vapor. This track still bangs and actually that guitar rift is pretty catchy.

Zero Three by Sunset Grid

I don’t know where this album came from and with the lack of description I don’t know why but it’s beautiful. The collection of artists on this are amazing and to the roots of vaporwave. It’s a welcoming surprise.

Stevia Sphere’s Interconnected Art Gallery // DMT​​​​​-​​​​​727 by Stevia Sphere

The Vapor Probe Series is a collaboration between DMT Tapes FL and doktorb. The releases that have been curated through this project were conceived by the individual artists as part of their participation in a PhD research project. Full description on their bandcamp. DMT has been getting some well deserved attention lately in the scene and with releases like this you can tell why.

Tropical Afternoon [トロピカル・アーフタヌーン] by Crystal Cola

A nice summer breeze of a song. More through it on in the background and drive than get any real feeling but it’s nice to hear some new music from Citypop from Crystal Cola.

Rainbow Smooth Remixes by Ohsaurus & Friends

“RAINBOW SMOOTH is a collaborative project between Ohsaurus and Friends – Building freeform around sonic tidbits, each producer splashed and dashed their way to a new interpretation of the master track. In true WEBELO fashion displaying a spectrum of possibilities, soaring ambience and blasting breakbeats galore!!” Rainbow Smooth is a beautiful breakbeat synth song and it’s cool to see what each artist did on the remixes here.

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