I’m flying back to the USA + other releases

Meta News

Groove Horizons was way too amazing. The footage I got was perfect and I can’t wait to go board this plane to edit the mini doc I’m going to put together. It’s been 4 months or so since I’ve been back in the USA. It’ll be nice to see family and focus on MTHU a little more in a stable location. Traveling was fun but I’m ready to get back to the grind. Can’t wait to share everything with everyone.

Physical Releases

palm_tree​.​fm by Topaz Gang (Limited Ed. Cassette w/ OBI strip)

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this album because of the album art but damn this is fire. The First track palm_tree.fm is a banger for sure. There’s something about the mixing here that just sounds so good. The drums hit hard, the synths are solid and overall a great sounding album. Limited to 100 cassettes.

Digital Releases

Same Great Taste by New Coke

New funky album off the label Seikomart. This is the first time I’ve heard of the artist New Coke (Better be careful with copyright against these soda companies lol). The album is pretty decent just doesn’t feel full enough. Like missing some life. Love the album art though.

Gardening For Lost Souls by Nostalgic Depression

A welcoming ambient album from Nostalgic Depression. This time I’m getting more of a space feel, computers acting against the system vibe from this album.

El derecho a la pereza by Casi todos los males

“Lafargue argues in in his essay “The Right to be Lazy” that progress is more about people being lazy in interesting ways than about jobs. Many past cultures valued laziness and the enjoyment that comes with it way more than work, yet so-called modern life keeps making jobs themselves the center of every person’s existence. Engineer first, person second. The essay is usually described as “utopian”, but I’m still not sure what’s so utopian about it, really.” full album description on the bandcamp. It’s a peaceful album of ambience and distant landscapes.

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