TTNG – Cat Fantastic (reaction)

I’m absolutely addicted to this song. The mixture of math rock with the emo mid-west melodic singing has captured that sweet spot in my brain royally. Unfortunately, that also means I’m going to play this song to death and one day I won’t get chills from the lyrics. To combat this, I want to record the emotional feelings I get from this song now while I’m still riding with it.

Red wine and tan lines
Colour our differences

The way he says this is like a massive bass-line drop or something. It just sends chills up my spine. I keep repeating this melody in my head, changing the lyrics to see what else rhymes so effortless. “Hotdogs and sad songs…”, “Online with no time…”, “blue eyes and true lies…”, etc, etc

I have a thing for music about living abroad (expat life) or giving up the 9-5 to bum around enjoying life. It’s rare I find them. Minus the Bear is full of them; what other band does it? TTNG might be borderline

Black cabs and bar tabs
To help you get away

Economic divide
This doesn’t suit me fine

Then this set of lyrics hit home with growing up:

Worn holes in old clothes
Wait for the hand-me-downs
Tethered, tangled, and tied;
The suit that fits too tight

These days I rarely thrift shop any more. No one (friends) share clothes any more. Recently I pulled out some winter clothes and found an old North Face jacket – the breast pocket archived a 2014 restaurant receipt in my best friends (Gilles) name. Was this his jacket? Was it my fathers and Gilles wore it that night? Did I just grab the receipt for no reason? The almost 10 year old jacket holds more connection to the past than my own memories.

I had a Spotify playlist from my mid 20s that I recently retired. Almost 31, the new playlist to capture the new decade of my life is titled “The friends I never made,” this was the first song to claim a spot. Less than 30 days until New Year, how time keeps moving.

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