S01E25: Meet Chillwave Artist Jasper Mitchell

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I met Jasper Mitchell through the Chillsynth Discord and we started talking. He was very eager to share his music with me and after listening to it for a bit and continuous conversation, we linked up and had an interview.

Jasper Mitchell is a Chill way artist with a love for sci-fi and video games that truly shines in his music. He self-claims his music could be called adventure wave I think that’s a great way to describe it.

I imagine a life on a ship, transporting goods from one planet to the next FTL style and this music being played in the background on my space adventure. So when I had a chance to interview him I was excited to see his inspiration and who he was. In this episode we will learn more about Chillwave and Jasper Mitchell’s music.

This is our first Chillsynth interview and I hope it’s a good one to introduce you to the genre.

You can find Jasper Mitchell at these links:

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