Reincarnated Resurrection by キラヨシ now on Qrates


I met up with PuffyCheeses (of Private Suite Magazine) last weekend as we are planning an episode around scoring the “vaporwave”-ness of an album. It’ll be a fun video, we were supposed to meet up Wednesday but some how I picked up a really bad cold. My throat feels like swallowing nails. It’s winter in Australia, so I guess my body wasn’t ready for it. Although it seems everyone here is getting the cold. I’m not sleeping well, not even leaving my dorm hostel tbh. I can barely talk without coughing a lung out.

So no weekly news this week I’m thinking. Unless Friday I some how am 100% back, I don’t know how I can physically record myself with how sick I am. So what I will be doing instead is releasing a Groove Horizons mix including all (but 1?) artist on the bill, so everyone can check out their music before the show in London July 20th (I’m going to be there).

Physical Releases

Reincarnated Resurrection by キラヨシ (Limited Edition Vinyl)

2 weeks ago we interviewed Kiraoyshi and as announced in the video, he was funding his album Reincarnated Resurrection with qrates. He added it to his Bandcamp today, it’s still looking for almost 75 more backers. So check it out.

24 Hour Forecast by Alternate Skies (Limited Edition Cassette + Digital Download)

A couple of sold out cassettes have been restocked. He seems to be doing this every week.

Digital Releases

tennis by plastic rock

tennis mixed with lo-fi, ambient and vapor. I really like that album art.

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