New Future Funk from ネオンAnnelie!

Burning Phase by fdsdf (Limited Edition Cassette)

I don’t know what it is about that album art but damn it hooks me in. Something beautiful in that eye. This experimental ambient album is now on cassette for 9 USD. I just wish the cassette version used the white variation as it looks that mystery on black.

Digital Releases

ネオン // Neon Party! 🌙 by ネオンAnnelie!

This is First Class Collectives first future funk album on the label. ネオンAnnelie! has totally kicked the style of the park. With Moon Angel starting off the album and tracks like Movin and Party Night, it feels like Future Funk is back with a little bit of class. I’m really enjoying this album. Favorite track is Moon Angel. I hope this gets a cassette release.

Thresholds In Flux [Vol. 2] by A Virtual Memory

“This album is intended to be understood as three separate records working together as one, each with a specific theme: Part I (“The Itch”, tracks 01-06), Part II (“The Drift”, tracks 07-09), and Part III (“The Dance”, tracks 10-14). Labored over from February of 2018 to March of 2019, it evolved from a direct sequel and finale to “Item 06: Songs for God [Vol. 01]” into a vivid document of life from late August of 2017 to late February of 2019; an epitaph in sound of anxiety, depression, near self-destruction, and all that comes after one returns from the brink. I would prefer to let the music speak for itself as it is a very long journey but my only hope of this album is that anyone who has experienced feelings of pain, grief, loss, or despondency may find some voice in this music or for those who may know someone suffering from such conditions, this may help to better understand what it feels like to live through them.” – A Virtual Memory

Sweeter by UNI DELUXE

New single out by Uni Deluxe (who we interviewed last month). After a few tracks out tapping in lo-fi Uni Deluxe is back wtih a Future funk singnle. It hits really well and I can tell his drums on this is a good show of improvement.

音楽家の死 by SYNTHラブ

VAPORWAVE何ですか is a pretty good song, I was hoping it would go into a full history of vaporwave there. Interesting concept of an album.

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