Ultima Flux by Ahero is now on Qrates!

“Ultima Flux is the first full-length Ahero LP in itself and it’s completely composed without samples like my previous work. It took a good long 5-6 months to complete and I’m happy to say I will be kickstarting a record campaign through Qrates!”

a few weeks back I even released a music video for the song Caller ID to help promote this digital release. Now that it’s on vinyl, I hope everyone can come together and support this being made.

Physical Releases

Nightlife by Nostalgic Depression (expanded JOYRIDE edition cassette)

the midnight edition sold out quick but the regular one is still available. tbh between the two, because of how amazing the midnight edition looked, it kind of cheapens the regular. which in return kind of cheapens of the music.

Digital Releases

Stranger Nights // DMT​​​​​-​​​​​722 by Arasmas

This is the 722 DMT release, playing off the popular tv show Stranger Things. Like the show, Stranger Nights is mysterious and fun to get sucked into.

i-mode by VVVX Software

A pretty laid back album. a mix of chill out and ambient. the instruments on this almost feel the same way the album art makes me feel. I liked that.

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