Getting into Music Production with キラヨシ (Derek Power) – Interview

Show Notes

キラヨシ (or Derek Power) is an experimental vaporwave artist that is on is way to become a professional producer. In this episode we talk about how what vaporwave is to him, his music career and his future in becoming a professional producer.

His first album under the キラヨシ Reincarnated Resurrection is a staple in this experimental vaporwave sub genre. Having sold out on cassette and MiniDisc last year fans will be pleasently surprised to know that this album is now on Qrates for a vinyl funding until the end of August.

In addition to this vinyl release he is also in the process of obtaining a Apprenticeship which will cost him a big chunk of change.

“You can help me bring my professional music career to life! Campaign launches this summer.”

It’s expected to launch the week of July 8-12, 2019. “RIght now, it will take you to the pre-launch page where you can register your email address for updates. When it launches, it should take you to the published campaign.”

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