The cure to old age with the album Simulacrum


I’ve had my fun in Beijing for 4 days and now I’m off to Australia. I’m so excited to get out of China and have real internet. I thought I’d be sad leaving after 2.5 years here but damn this VPN thing is starting to kill me now that I’m trying to take MTHU seriously. I can’t even play Bandcamp albums quick enough, I waste so much time living here. I’ll only be in Australia for a short period of 15ish days before the Groove Horizons show. So if you’re in Sydney and want to hit me up, @musicsthehangup

Digital Releases

Simulacrum // DMT​​​​​-​​​​​718 by Kid Mania

I think the concnept behind this album is the quest to revive youth. Wtih the first track Dial Up connecting you to the seller while the song Simulacrum is the travel to the location for the procedure. When arrived the discussion of “The Physics of Consciousness” is explained and how your body will leave your current but enter the youth you always wanted.

P S I L 0 STORE by 미확인동물ologist

“flashing, and always fading. walking through the brightly lit aisle, you seem to recall something. you don’t know who or what, but maybe… was it a person? did you love them? you feel like you can recall at one point, but soon that too becomes an obscure memory. nothing sticks. sometimes its fun, seeing the sales and special offers. but you can’t shake the feeling that something may have been lost. something truly wonderful.” – 미확인동물ologist

Sindicato argentino de Vaporwave Vol 2 by MINGOMUSIK

A 14 minute mix of “argentino” styled vaporwave. This is the second mix like this from MINGOMUSIK

Deep Cache by Best Of Earth

Totally feeling the dark grimy side of this ambient / experimental album. Primal has this throaty sound that comes in with some chanting that really builds this early stage development of humankind.. the unknown primitive kind that is leaking, watching but fully aware of the outsiders who explore their land.

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