cancer.WAVY out w/ a vaporwave cassette + other releases

Physical Releases

水の上の太陽 by cancer.WAVY


looking to add some new vaporwave into your cassette collection look no further. With songs like lsd川 , コデインとカップケーキ and F e e l i n g %110 you can’t go wrong. Plus the tape comes with 3 extra bonus tracks only heard after purchasing.

Digital Releases

Temple Of Time by Cute Aesthetics

I’m kind of teaching myself harmonica again and to my surprise (at least in the vapor scene) whenn A Memory To Recall (。-‿-。)💤started playing I was instantly feeling it. The production of that song is mix of early funk with feel good blues. I wonder what the production on this is because it sounds too professionally made.

The Upgrade Surgery! by Switch Major

A minimal ambient like album. The album description talks about it feeling like CN and nickelodeon doms (what’s a doms?) in the inter-dimensional waves of NRG but sounds like weird analog synth rack fun (although I’m pretty sure this is all digital)

Channel 07 by Ghost Channel

Check out the music video on their bandcamp page. The album has a good mix of early vaporwave and synth wave sounds mixed in. Night Simulator is a good introduction to the sound of the album.

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