Diskette Park Cassette and Floppy + other releases


I might be playing Minecraft with some vapor label and artists lol. Stay tuned for that.

Physical Releases

ダブル SIGNALS by Diskette Park

ダブル SIGNALS by Diskette Park (BROADCAST edition cassette)

Sweet news for both cassette and floppy collectors, Diskette Park has a new 36 track album out for you.

The Ordeal by from tokyo to honolulu

The Ordeal by from tokyo to honolulu (Limited Edition Cassette)

New cassette out from one of my favorite vapor artists. According to the description, FTTH is actually Russian. TIL. Small run of only 20 cassettes

Digital Releases

Microdrift: Macrodrift Version by Azuma

Thinking about it, maybe in an alternative time line vaporwave would have been called Microdrift. I like that word, Microdrift. Yeah.. Microdrift. This is a pretty good album too in it’s own way. Check out the song “Alone at Sea”. That song for some reason bring up this memory of an ex girlfriend I had, a short lived relationship and for whatever reason we went on a trip to a tourist town in China, one I had been to before, and I argued out way into sharing a bed when the tour guide wouldn’t allow us to. I won lol. I miss her, she was a 10 I mean a pure pure 10, I don’t know what she saw in me. Unfortunately the personality were just to different between us. This should get a cassette release because I want to hold on to that memory in a physical way. Fun fact, this album was originally released on now defunct label Immersion Complete.

Endless Dreamscapes by Skelle違う

“This album was conceived off of the idea of putting dreams into song form. Enjoy.” I kind of want to fall a sleep to this album and see what kind of weird dreams I come up with. I’m getting some vaporwave feels in here but with a song like Heaven i don’t know how to describe the feeling this album gives me. Like.. the sampling works too well.

After the love (Ft Strawberry Station) by Strawberry Station

Here’s something I didn’t know I wanted but now that I do I’m super happy. I’m a big fan of NATIONAL ナショナル and really wish I could have them on the show but they don’t speak enough English. I should do a text interview with them one day. And of course, big shoutout to Strawberry Station. This is a different sound I’m used to hearing from him but the track a nice mix of the two artists. I really dig that transition to an album synth solo around 3:00, that was cool.

To Relax​/​Study To // DMT​​​​​-​​​​​719 by Mister Dizzy

As the album title describes music to study with. I like that one of those songs is titled Potato Chip.

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