Cassettes, cassettes and more cassettes starting July off right


Weekly News

Weekly News it out, go watch it on youtube if you haven’t see it yet.


Australia timezone puts me in a weird position for the daily news. By the time I’m going to bed, It’s only 10am on the east coast in the USA. Which is generally most releases are not being announced on bandcamp until after lunch or later. Then when I wake up because the time is 14 hours a head the day is almost over. So it’s been weird to get these out on time because either no releases are out yet or when I wake up I have like 10-15 albums to listen to as fast as possible.

Nonexistent by ▲STR▲L TRI▲NGLEISM

Nonexistent by ▲STR▲L TRI▲NGLEISM (Re-issue Edition)

This is a re-issue of a pretty popular ambient / slushwave album. This time with the cassette sticker being blue. I still think that little character is super cute. Only 27 cassettes with this release.

Pink Secrets by Twin Galaxxies

Pink Secrets by Twin Galaxxies (Limited Edition Cassette + Digital Download)

I talked about this release on the weekly news. Happy to finally hear it. I guess this is more on the plunderphonics side of vw. A mix of ambient on some tracks while others hit some vapor sounds. It’s an interesting release but not my sound. An edition of 75 cassettes out now.

Hysterical Air by Dino Felipe & Vitamin Wig C

Hysterical Air by Dino Felipe & Vitamin Wig C (Hysterical Air Collab Cassette!)

I’m not sure what this album is trying to be. It’s like a mix of some hip-hop in some beats but then gets electro for a second and then you’re hit with the weirdest vocal samples. I’ll call it experimental lol.

[CD042] ArizonA by DR00

[CD042] ArizonA by DR00 (Compact Cassette)

“Over spring break this past year, I was in Arizona. The Arizona desert is one of the most beautiful places in the world. These 5 tracks are an attempt to capture the essence/vibe of the Arizona desert. The instrumentation for this EP features a lot of flute sounds. Each track was written in a day.” The album has a great downtempo (here’s that word again) ambient sound. Good to drink the morning tea to. Oh did I mention it’s on cassette.

LIDAR : Laser Rangefinders by c a l d o r 32x & FOTOshoppeツ

LIDAR : Laser Rangefinders by c a l d o r 32x & FOTOshoppeツ (Vol. 2 Limited Edition Cassette)

Volume 2 of this gamecube themed cassette has beenn released. This time in a white which reminds me of that Dot Hack Infections cover for the PS2. Very cool album, only a couple cassettes left.

Digital Releases

Burning Phase by fdsdf

This was the first album I listened to this morning. Thanks for waking me up. It’s a good fusion of synth wave and a sort of early 2000s electronic music (like PS2 music). That’s the vibe I’m getting off this album. But then again this is a pre-order and only one track is available.


This is another digital album pre-order. Only 2 track for listening at the moment. Possibilities was too tame to give me a good deal but “I Swear deff” has that creep to it. Like a halloween night murder just happened and the cold killer is walking out the alley cleaning the blade. and that sax coming was a nice touch. “All music written and produced by Penny Van Hazelberg”

Yoga Drizzle by Lunar Cambridge

A wonderful I guess downtempo chill electro album. I don’t get to listen to too many of these kind of album in our scene but it’s always a nice surprise. Deep Capsule has the most connection to me. “Enter the Drizzle – a place, a space, a time and a being itself – lush and delicious, we venture into the realm of the yoga drizzle.”

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