Decubellis Dreams brings me back to my childhood + other releases

Global Outlook by Alternate Skies (Limited Edition Cassette + Digital Download)

Alternate Skies added a few cassettes out at 8 USD. It\’s been sold out for a while it seems so good chance to grab this one.

죽음은 쉽지 않다 by 壊れたカセット

ロックされた心 is pretty good. Gives you the feel of the rest of the album. which is a mix of experimental and vaporwave chopping.

New Site Functionality // DMT​​​​​-​​​​​720 by Decubellis Dreams

In the song Kiosk it reminded me of my childhood. My dad would always put on a pandora station that played ambient music like this on a Sunday morning and we’d all clean the house. Then afterwards we’d have a nice lunch, something light which always seemed to include cheeses and olives (Italian family). The house would smell like lemons because of the counter top spray we used to clean and the 70 degree weather would be warming up for a good day. I miss the old house, the old trampoline, those friends. Thanks for the memories today.

/​/​/ by レイスプライム

Some dark ambient. I’m still trying to get into the sub-genres of ambient and I can feel how this one is considered dark. Just not sure when I’d listen to an album like this.

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