Beautiful Chiptune on EP, Dreamland

Physical Releases

The Safe Inside Chronicles by MindSpring Memories (Limited Edition Cassette)

MiniDisc sold out but the cassette is still available. The album is mainly soundscapes and classic vaporwave sounding.

Digital Releases

Dreamland EP by Zakku

“A little story about a little robot that has big dreams”. This is such a cute album. I’m feeling elements of early Pokemon Chiptune and Kirby with each track. “Encounter in the woods” even feels like it could be a Zelda track. Everything about this album is wonderful. Extremely well produced. This one totally deserves a cassette releases

மாசுபாடு நம்மைக் கொல்கிறது by நான் கண் ஐ

Another classic vaporwave sounding album. with elements of video games like in the song Strategy.jpg

Wavdash Singles (Vol. 1) by Various Artists

A nice collection of singles off the WD label. Artists like Scamlines, NATIONAL ナショナル, FOTOshoppeツ and more. A lot of names i haven\’t heard before actually.

Bedroom Groove by Z.E.R.O

New synthy single by Z.E.R.O, some elements of IDM and kawaii.

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