Blueberry High by Jelly Bon Bon + other releases

Today we have 2 late night lo-fi albums, runescape feels and a new cassette limited edition by Jelly Bon Bon. Did I miss a release? Let me know on twitter or instagram

Physical Releases

Blueberry High by Jelly Bon Bon

Limited edition cassettes now out. I can’t talk about the music much as there’s no tracks available. but from my experience with Jelly Bon Bon, I know this is going to be a sweet future funk album

Digital Releases

真夜中の招待状 by E U P H O R I A 永遠の

Sure it\’s Sunday morning but come later tonight, throw this album on. Get in that late night Lo-fi feel, stare outside that rainy cityscape and dream of a world you\’ll never know.


This sounds like it could be a really good album but the mastering on it puts it in that mallsoft feel. Which might be a stylized choice, I just wish I could hear the music better because it actually sounds like it could be decent with some bass.

Midnight Island by Francis Hacienda

If 2007 runescape introduced a new island with a quest and mini game, I feel like this could be the soundtrack. It\’s jazzy but also very midi.

So what did you guys think of today’s releases? Find anything cool or buy a cassette? Come share it with us on the discord and hang out with other vaporwave fans!

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