Ecoodroid releases with Business Casual. Diskette Park releases on wallet sized mini CDs. and digital releases that will make you wish you heard them live. Not bad for a Saturday morning. Like anything you hear? Let me know on twitter or instagram

Physical Releases

﹝final﹞F A N T A S Y W A V E﹝vii﹞ by Kannibal (Limited Edition Cassette + Digital Download)

This album is too good too pass up. Completed with samples directly from a PSX, Final Fantasy VII has never sounded so good. It\’s now on cassette and VHS which is killing me because like… I really want this. but I bought so much already this month. Gah.. Do I risk another run?

a surreal fashion by eccodroid (Limited Edition Cassette + Digital Download)

Eccodroid hit it out of the park with relating a certain image (album art) to the sound of the album. That album art is too 80s classic, it looks straight out of a SEARS catalogue. Eccodroid’s singing kind of makes me think he has potential be a wave 2 at 100% Electronicon 2 as he sounds like 18 Carat Affair in some instances. Cassette now available.

WasteORG by O h s a u r u s (2nd EDITION CASSETTES from O h s a u r u s!)

You gotta put on headphones and listen to the track Sly Cloud. It almost feels organic in nature like calm industrial bugs scattering around. Mixed with video game music that feels like it could be from GEX, this is a cool album. I wonder if the cassette will look like the album art or will be that brown tone variant. Which the original looks better imo.

Stray by Diskette Park (Limited Edition CS)

At the tape swap over the weekend, I saw my first “wallet sized” CD for a Pokemon release i guess? I didn’t ask. It’s cool to see that format being promoted in the scene as seen with this release. This ambient vapor album is now available for cassette and mini CD

Digital Releases

Heartbreak Is My Natural State by Hopeful Romantics

I’m getting major deja vu listening to this song. I swear I’ve heard it before it must be the sample. It’s a great dance track that I’d love to hear live for sure.


The percussion style on these tracks are cool. It totally shows me people will figure out cool ways to mess with drums forever. Great future bass.

So what did you guys think of today’s releases? Find anything cool or buy a cassette? Come share it with us on the discord and hang out with other vaporwave fans!

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