CYBERIA by kyonpalm (review)

A classic from the early days of vapor, this funky “way better than It should be” release from 2014 still holds up in the new decade of vaporwave. When I first found this album in early 2019, it was the album art that original captured me. The solid black with minimal pink, outlining Lain Iwakura of Serial Experiments Lain, I knew the themes inside would hit that dark cyberpunk sound. The 13 track album had a handmade releases on cassette and a beautiful solid pink/red vinyl. Unfortunately, these were released before my time, which left my listening to the digital experience. I think this is were the love of collecting physical releases in our scene can spring up for a lot of fans because it’s such a classic and unique release and yet we’ll never get another physical copy. And even if I did want it, it’s going for $100+ on Discogs. A+ album from the vault

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