Xerf Xpec, City pop currator, expected to have YT channel terminated

For a while Perf Xpec has been my go-to music stop for hidden gems coming out of Japan. So many times I would find an ambient album off the YouTube channel and think, damn I could sample this into some hot vaporwave. Unfortunately, it seems my endless supply of inspiration might be ending soon as the channel announced that it’ll probably be getting terminated due to copyright strikes. I mean we can’t really complain, it’s how things work on YouTube, just sucks that something that revives the past isn’t sustainable. Who knows how long we have left but if you have the means, back up what you want to remember.

Here’s the channels latest official update (12/21/2020):

CHANNEL UPDATE As of now there are 2 strikes on the channel (nothing new since i already went through something like this in the past). What makes this situation different is that the last one was issued by the RIAJ, which are know to be quite ruthless when it comes to copyright enforcement. So it would be safe to asume that another strike might be coming soon.
Right now there 2 options:
Cut my losses and let it happen or
Delete all the videos from the channel and wait atleast 3 months to upload regularly again
Either way the channel will be dead regardless of the choice. I will wait atleast until the 27th to see if the first strike expires to make a decision.

Xerf Xpec

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