Visit Chinese landscapes on this cassette repress

三百年前 by 仙侠 (Limited Edition Cassette – Cherry Blossom)

Another repress released today by Geometric Lullaby. This album has a great collection of soundscapes and ambient build ups that take you over the mysterious lands of ancient china. Mysterious mountains, clear beautiful beaches, buddhist temples and more can be found in the 1.5 hours this cassette provides if you just relax and close your eyes.

ستاره دار by دل (Limited Edition Cassette – Clear with Gold Foil)

Repress of this interesting vapor / idm album. Originally released in 2018, this is a good time to grab one of you missed it the first time.

☼サンコープ by scamlines (Handmade Limited Edition Suncorp. Cassette)

New vaporwave based album by Scamlines. Playing on the themes of the jungle. If you\’re digging it limited amount of cassettes left.

Digital Release

島民 by Xenosoft 87

A good collection of (I think) remixed island tracks from video games. For example 七時半 feels super familiar to me but I can\’t place that melody. Just good island video game vibes.

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