Vaporwave Label Sunset Recording Shuts Down

Sad news in the vaporwave world when on March 9th, 2019 vaporwave label, Sunset Recording, sent out a tweet declaring they are closing up shop.

After 3 years of contributing to the community and releasing over 40 albums with various artist, it surely was a shock to hear.

The label was best known for their albums with artists such as KAHN 美的, 猫 シ Corp., 脳力. ΞLΞVΛTΞ, and other big artists in the scene.

It’s unsure what the future of they people running Sunset Recordings but we hope their future is bright.

I reach out to them over twitter to see if we could get an episode going as a going away and to clear up any questions their fans had. I guess we’ll see if they have the time as they are trying to distance themselves from the label.

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