Two choices; Korean or Malls + other releases

Physical Releases

HINODE by Kemono Galleria

HINODE by Kemono Galleria (Limited Edition Full-Color Printed Cassette in Clear Norelco Box)

I think the album description describe this best: “AVANT’s first cassette release is “HINODE” from Kemono Galleria, an album that moves effortlessly from Vaporwave to Future Funk to Vaportrap to Synthwave without missing a beat. This is a fantastic album, and we hope you enjoy it!”

Digital Releases

Welcome to the クリスタルMALL by クリスタルMALL

I run an OK mac for editing and some times when I’m live previewing heavy computation in AE the background music slows and speeds up and does an almost vaporwave feel. Thats what Prism Fountain and Entrance Hall remind me off. A lot of normals, slow downs, half speed vaporwave throughout a song on this album.

Exit Planet Mall by Ocean County Mall

I almost skipped this album because of the generic album art. How lucky I did because some of the tracks on this are mint. FashionTv is beautiful feels almost dreamcast which is interesting. Galleria Creeps perfect. I think what stands out is the synth mixed with sampling while these drums are top notch. Wow perfect. Ended up spending the rest of the night listening to it.

섬세 by 서울 시스템

Seoul System (clever name) has been working on this album since December of 2018. Over that time a collection of 15 tracks have been produced to create what Palm ’84 calls a masterpiece. From the few tracks I listened to, it’s very mallsoft / elevator chill vapor. I enjoyed the song 등잔 밑이 어둡다

팔다아웃 by アナログMESSIAH

Looking for a new slushwave artist to get into? Here’s a “Korean” one.

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