This sad anime eyes album is the album of the week + other releases

I found my favorite album of the week, it’s a perfect blend of vaporwave, chopped and screw and a sad tale. Oh and the album art has crying anime girl’s eyes. This seriously needs to get on cassette or minidisc soon. See which one I’m talking below.

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Physical Releases

Eggo Jams Vol. 2 by Sponge Person (CURATORS EDITION CASSETTE)

Eggo Jams Vol. 1 was recently added back on cassette so we were bound to see Eggo Jams Vol. 2 to be released as well. It feels like meme music to me but I’m sure someone want this.

Digital Releases

nobody’s forever by Glowing in Furs

This album is a real trip. The first track tricked my ears into thinking the buffering was messed up. The second song made me want to dance for my freedom.. and finally the third track made me feel like I was in a y2k, PC Music, rave. Then towards the end of the album things got really dark. This totally came out of nowhere for me and pretty much is my favorite album of this week. This is insanely good.

The Diamond SNES by Seafoam Xpresso

This is a pretty monumental album release for First Class Collective as they have collaborated with the owner of DMT Tapes. Why he wanted to release on FCC is unknown to me but it just shows how progressive and fast moving FCC is since their inception. I would classify this album as harsh vapor that is oddly soothing. The noise level on each track is a some how just over the threshold to still allow the music to be heard and enjoyed.

Akashic Records by creative_reality17

It’s been quite some time since I wrote an album review for creative_reality17. Fortunately for me today, I needed to do some research and this was the perfect music to accompany it. Worth the listen if you want some nuwave progressive ambient music to throw on in the background.

Scene News

Here’s some weird scene news. Apparently in 2016 Skylar Spence (Saint Pepsi) was on tour with Madeon and they beat Sonic Adventure Battle 2. Then afterwards twitted about it and the official Sonic The Hedgehog twitter account retweeted it. The dude was born for the public eye eh?

So what did you guys think of today’s releases? Find anything cool or buy a cassette? Come share it with us on the discord, twitter or instagram; and hang out with other vaporwave fans!

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