As a kid you always think the places you grow up with will always be there. Edward McKay was that place for me. Since my earliest memories of living in North Carolina my parents used to take us kids here. Even after my parents split up Edward McKay was that one place both parents could afford to take us and the one place my brother and I could escape into. Not only was “Ed McKays” a used book store it also had a massive vinyl collection, every retro and new game console game ever and any book under the sun all for cheap affordable prices.
My mom bought me a dreamcast from here. My mate David and I bought random used Anime DVDs here. I fell in love with Sci-fi and fantasy here. I bought most of my vinyl collection in this place. And when times got rough I even sold some rare video games, or crappy CDs or school textbooks to pay for gas or so I could get taco bell for dinner on the some nights.
It’s been almost 5 years since you’ve closed down for some myserious reason and yet, more than anything you influenced me the most. RIP the best used bookstore in the world.

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