SAILORWAVE by マクロスMACROSS 82-99 repress + other releases


I’m going to start leaving x/10 reviews on each album every day. The ratings 100% based on my own experience of the album. Don’t take it personally. (I hope this doesn’t get me in trouble. lol)

Physical Releases


A new vinyl style released today for this classic. This time in a hot pink bright blue solid fusion that looks off the charts. Awesome for those who haven’t picked it up yet or those collecting all the variations. (I just noticed the album art is altered too.)

SAILORWAVE II is also available in a new style today, but sold out before I could write about it.

La Revolution! by Vive (Vive la CASSETTE!)

Literally as I started listening to this album Middle Class Comfort was telling me he has been taking French. This is related because this is an awesome French house (oh filter funk) album. Now on cassette with an edition of 25. [6/10]

Digital Releases

Paranoid Fish by Paranoid Fish

The self titled album out by Paranoid Fish has been released today with Seikomart. I’m trying to understand what album is trying to be. It’s party experimental but then gets pretty synthy at some tracks (sonic) and then like a video game (Life is Glitchy). It’s a mix bag of different sounds. I think what impresses me the most is the synths and noises this artist is generating. I wonder how much is digital vs analog. [4/10]

Virtua Shopping 购物中心 // DMT​​​​​-​​​​​724 by Blashy

Pretty generic mallsoft album. Nothing really stood out to me but I guess that’s kind of point of the genre. [3/10]

Cassette Discounts

slushwave cassette discount
slushwave cassette discount

Cheminn Nuages Records

best known for their collection of slushwave albums, is having a sale until August. using code “nuage1” on bandcamp

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