HATENA releases Outerside on cassette + other releases

Physical Releases

Outerside by HATENA (Limited Edition Cassette)

“HATENA returns to Palm ’84 for the third time with his new album Outerside, which consists of tracks that were cut from his previous LP, PARADER The tracks are still bangers nonetheless, bringing that signature style of future funk that only HATENA can deliver!” – Palm ’84

Digital Releases

Hikikomori by ₳§ᗐM̶R̳

Kind of surprised at the album art. It like of broke that aesthetic I loved so much about the label Webelotrax. Regardless, this is fun album, downtempo at it’s core with various experimental bits. idk if this is a bad thing to say but just perfect music for a laser tag / arcade place. I think what grabs me the most on this album is how full and deep it sounds. Just feels atmospheric and whole.

Laced Liquid Lies by Mitch Porsche

You gotta check out the song “Sweet Red”, feeling every second of that song. The use of samples and different male and female vocals makes everything about this feels so cool. If I had the time to learn how to make music this is what I’d love my music coming out sounding like. Future Bass sounds cool man.

Other Tracks by Able

Oh, this is a cool album. Very experimental although the creator is calling it ambient I’d say it’s more on the nu age maybe glitch side of things. That first track is a trip.


Dark ambient album. Good background music for maybe reading a sci-fi dystopian novel.

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