Mélonade and working with Ʋ & Business Casual – Interview

Mélonade – A Future Funk Artist

Summer is just around the corner, the heat is coming in quick and before long that need for a cool breeze and a refreshing drink will all be too familiar. So when Mélonade announced his self titled album was heading to vinyl, there was a rush to grab one just in time for a sweet funky treat.

Originally released October of 2018, Ʋ contacted Mélonade with the thought of releasing this terrific album on vinyl and fortunately we’ve been presented with a wonderful vinyl pressing because of it.

So we reached out to Mélonade for an interview to promote the new release as well as talk about what it was like working with Ʋ and Business Casual. In this episode we cover just that plus his Future Funk introduction, his favorite artists and what the future of 2019 looks like for this rising artist.

Where to get the vinyl?

Mélonade by Mélonade (vinyl)

His self titled album, Mélonade, can be found on Ʋ’s website during the month of April, with a 500 count run. Ʋ did an incredible job promoting this release and creating this beautiful vinyl. Check out their website for more.

Connect with Mélonade

Podcast Episode

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