Manga in Visual Signals Issue 6 (finally!)

Ever since I was a kid I wanted to be part of the manga world; it’s probably what drew me into Vaporwave and Future Funk as a genre. I loved being around people who love anime, drew anime, watched anime and everything in-between. So when I started Visual Signals, I knew I had a chance to print manga / anime through reviews and articles but never did I dream I’d be working with a real Mangaka.
I am extremely excited to share the first 15 pages of “Give My Regards to Black Jack” by Shuho Sato — “An intense drama about the dark side of the medical world.” If you like the manga you can support it or read the full series officially at I also want to give a huge shoutout to Shuho Sato, Takema and the team at Sato Manga Works for giving us the chance to print a preview of their manga in our zine.

Issue 6 includes the first 15 pages of Give My Regards to Black Jack and it looks fantastic in print. Grab a copy on Amazon

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