ll nøthing ll & MIDI에서 on cassette + other releases

Tuesday morning and we are in for a treat. A mock movie future funk album by Jelly BonBon, jazzy vapor by two up and coming in the scene and so much more. Enjoying the daily news, interviews, weekly podcast and youtube episodes? Help support Musics the Hang Up on Patreon! Learn more here

Physical Releases

Blueberry High by Jelly BonBon (Jelly BonBon – Blueberry High (Limited Edition Cassette))

The highly anticipated album release from Jelly BonBon is finally here. I’ve reached out for an explanation of what “Movie Ver” on all these mean but regardless of all that it’s an extremely bumping future funk / city pop album that actually is blowing my mind. I literally just threw this on and sat in my airBnB for the entire album before writing on it. I feel like I just listened to a radio drama and had the most amazing soundtrack to play with it. Cassettes are now available.

E U P H O R I A by ll nøthing ll & MIDI에서 (~ cassette tape ~ second run ~)

That smooth vapor jazz we’ve all come to love from two artists I think are going to become house hold names in the vapor scene. They’ve coming together for a cassette and album release. Can’t get better than that. The album art feels really close to those original roots.

GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS by Δελφοί (PANIC edition cassette)

Small run of experimental ambient on cassette. A collection of 20. I see Δελφοί in the scene releasing music a lot so if you’re a collector of his digital work here’s your chance to own it on cassette.

Digital Releases

Friends EP // DMT​​​​​-​​​​​754 by PowerPCME

I met PowerPCME at the 100% Electronicon tape swap. Super amazing and chill dude. I wonder if this album is a reflection on his entire experience that weekend.

2085 by s t e f

Sweet, i thought this was going to be a slow growth ambient album but this is some sweet futurism glitchwave music. シーパンク reminds me of music I’d hear in a neo-fusion sushi place in NYC. I love it, I’d totally bump to this in concert. This album really did surprise me.

So what did you guys think of today’s releases? Find anything cool or buy a cassette? Come share it with us on the discord, twitter or instagram; and hang out with other vaporwave fans!

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