Issue three sneak peek designs!

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It’s the weekend and I’m finally getting a chance to mess with InDesign. It’s a really interesting software and tbh, it’s a million times better than using Apple Pages. I spent 2 hours this morning making the first article layout and I am extremely grateful for everyone here that has allowed me to purchase this software because of your support. The design in issue three is going to be massively improved. I feel so inspired working with it
Funnily enough, this MV is actually all b/w anyways, so this is the actual feel you’ll get reading the article or watching the video. Until issue three comes out, let’s get you introduced to the MV early:

Additionally, I bought some Japanese magazines (from 2017) off eBay and they arrived. It’s going to help set a higher standard for Visual Signals design off the bat because I have some references.
Thanks again, everyone. I love you all.
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