Japanese City pop is thriving in this 1985 masterpiece. This Boy is one of the most requested repressing releases from the gold age of city pop and yet some how no one has been able to get it done. With an average price of 150 USD, you’re more likely to listen to this one on Youtube.

The entire album is a wonderful mix and classic City pop, with MOOG sytnhs, electronic drums and a voice that soothes the soul.

With the track, “Say Goodbye” being the most popular from the release, it’ll have to thinking on past relationships both ones you left or they left you; “I’m gone Though you tried to own me I guess there’s no harm done Hope you won’t be lonely”. The hook, “Say goodbye” is too good and I guess hope, we all won’t always be lonely~

English Album Tracks:

A1 Shiny Lady
A2 Kioku No Naka No Mirai Kara
A3 Sweet Inspiration ’85
A4 I Can’t Wait
A5 Sun Glow
B1 Love Is Happening
B2 Always
B3 Gemini
B4 Say Goodbye
B5 Angelina
B6 This Boy

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