Great day for Ambient Cassette and Vinyl releases

Physical Releases

Phosphor​/​Endless by éntha

Phosphor​/​Endless by éntha (Limited Edition Cassette (LED Printed))

Another noise ambient album this time on cassette. Oddly described as LED printed which I think give it that glow in the dark plastic look. I’ve never heard of that kind of printing before.

Blue Event by Petridisch

Blue Event by Petridisch (Limited Edition Lathe Cut of Petridisch’s “Blue Event” (10 copies))

Only 10 copies of this vinyl. If you like ambient and experimental electronic music this is your grab.

Petrichor Days by Chungking Mansions

Petrichor Days by Chungking Mansions (Cassette [NOP-097])

Out now on cassette with No Problema Tapes. At first wasn’t sure where this album was goign but like 30 seconds in on the song Zenith, this is something special. The mixture of samples, instruments and this very well crafted drum selection, just wow. I’m trying to explain what this brings out in me. For some reason I’m feeling DDR Max 2, India and a damp cave plus Ratatat?


LIQUIDPUNK by ARGIFLEX (Limited Edition Compact Disc)

New album out on Asura Revolver coming straight to Compact Disc. This contains 8 tracks of techno, ambient and idm. Ships in 30 days.

Digital Releases

Summer Glow by MELTNET

Wow the drum control on Konnichiwa is outstanding having to wait almost a minute before things kicked off. This whole album just feels different compared to what I’ve been listening to. What I mean is it feels like every sample, percussion, timing feels like thought and musical mastery. I have a feeling once this goes physical it’s going to be to known in the scene as a classic for years to come.

19XX年 by [[[∎∎∎]]]

What a weird experimental album. The first 3 tracks are almost like a radio turning on and the outside elements being recorded. B4 was an interesting concept if the idea is an English person is speaking and the other track is a japanese translation but I don’t think that’s what’s going on. Weird regardless.

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