Getting Emotion with todays album releases

Today was a rainy day here in Shenzhen. It’s Tuesday night almost midnight as a write this. I only have 2 days left here. It’s really something else to leave a country you’ve lived in for two & half years straight. I’m going to miss my life here, the world I’ve become part of the world very few people get to experience. I am worried I’ll be lost once I’m back in the USA, I’m losing a part of myself this week.

Dimensional Shift by Andrew Mouge

I’m now sitting in my apartment soaked in rain. It’s midnight but I need to get the dialy news in. Oddly enough exactly how the first track on this album, Saint Errie, is exactly how I feel. A strong motivation movement forward while a droning mass feels dragged a long. I’m melancholy right now in my barely lit apartment. Sitting a table I rarely used, over seeing a couch I’ve slept countless nights on. and off to the distance a bed I never shared. My blinds are closed to the city scape and the desk to the right is dark. The only life in here is the TV power indicator for a TV I never used. How I really only used this apartment for a sleep and deep thoughts. How more joy could have been made had I invited more people over.

and all this in mind, I did it to myself. I knew I’d eventually leave so I never got close to people. After the break up, a part of me broke. and although I love living in China, I need to leave this paradise I call home so I can move on and grow. So I can once again share a life with someone. Thanks Andrew Mouge.

Fishing Trip Divorce // DMT​​​​​-​​​​​715 by GameFAQs Moderator

Welp on a different note, how about this guys artist name. Who else spent countless hours on gamefaq looking up GTA 3 cheats or how to catch a Pokemon. I wonder if this generation of gamers also use Gamefaq. The track 2003 Message Board (Guide to Fishing) some how does give off that early 2000s gamefaq feel. This is some good vaporwave actually. Actually for some reason it really makes me feel like a direct like to my childhood self. Sitting in front of that giant entertainment system, the CRT TV, the sleepovers and the only times my parents let us eat pizza in bedroom. My PS2 next to my Gamecube, the smell of AXE body spray. Opening up the window see another friend arrive and tell him to run up stairs.

Vaporwave Night Shift by Loon Gemini

I love the story on this. “The General Corporation has never been so productive! Fulfill your goals by working later, and be rewarded thanks to our generous compensation plan. This contract does not cover the need for vitamin supplements.” Gives me an idea for a music video

bitter by dropbassline.

After listening to the entire album, I am just so surprised at the quality of artists First Class Collective is drawing to the label. dropbassline has created a really special lo-fi album here. After all the emotions I wrote about today, ending the night on this album was ideal. There’s hope, a positive future in these songs. Maybe I’m feeling bitter, regret, denail and all the emotions inbetween and I think I’m in the acceptance stand but man do I look forward to the peace.

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