Digital Artist Spotlight – Takuchi

Interview with Takuchi

  1. How did you get into the vaporwave scene?

I’ve seen it on SNS for several years, and I knew something about the visual aspects.

I knew it properly when some Neon city records arrived at HMV in Shibuya on April 30, 2019. I bought a MoeShop vinyl and went home to study a lot. I remember it well because it is the last day of the Japanese era “平成 Heisei”.

  1. You release a lot of your mixes on cassette with KillerKillerRecords. In japan, how do you make your own cassettes?
    KILLERKILLER Records are all handmade. In Japan, cassette culture is still small, so there is no cheaper manufacturer. All mixes are recorded from Vinyl.
  2. A lot of people know you for your art style, what is your characters’ names?

They have no name. Almost everything is different. The girl with cat ears are collectively called “Nekoko”. I also make Nekoko dolls.

  1. What’s the inspiration behind the “naughty” positions for your characters?

It comes out naturally while drawing “Kawaii” with innocence and danger. The sophistication required for so-called “Eros” is intentionally excluded.

It comes out naturally while drawing “Kawaii” with innocence and danger.

5.What tools you use to create your digital art?

I rarely draw digital art except for jackets. For digital, I use Clip Studio. Mainly used painting materials are Japanese painting materials “水干絵具 dyed mud pigment” and colored pencils. It’s not traditional usage.

  1. In Japan, how famous is your art? Has it been in any art shows or in magazines?

It’s a niche work, so it’s not so famous. I mainly present my works at solo and group exhibitions. There are many exhibits at the gallery “Art complex center of tokyo” to which I belong. The next solo exhibition is scheduled for January 2021.

  1. What is your artistic dream?

To continue painting. It’s more important to me to keep drawing for myself than to become famous.

You can find more of takuchi’s art and music on twitter @takuchi69.

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