Daily News: AOTQ and more – 4/25/2019

Physical Releases

Maitro - Dragonball Wave

Maitro – Dragonball Wave (cassette / vinyl)

Released on cassette a couple of times, this funky vaporwave album finally made it on vinyl in a wonderful ooze green. Some of those guitar rifts on this are classic, and should be part of everyones collection. Read more…

ウィッカペディア by Wiccapedia

ウィッカペディア by Wiccapedia

Wiccapedia earlier last week released the album ウィッカペディア on a couple different physical mediums (Mini CD, CD, Cassette). Some are close to selling out but to my surprises the cassette isn’t sold out yet. My favorite track Bakkushan. Read more…

Digital Releases

魂のための歌 by 憂鬱

It was announced today that 憂鬱 is working on remastering some of the songs on this album as Aloe City Records will be releasing this album on vinyl. It’s unknown exactly when the album will be coming out.

If you like chill Vocaloid music and don’t mind the soft soothing tones of sad music this is something to look forward to.

契約(feat.初音ミク) by AOTQ

AOTQ with 初音ミク released a sweet Hip-hop like Japanese autotune single today that brighten my morning. If this is any sign for the next album coming out, it’s going to be a sweet chill out experience.

Album of the Day

Saw this was posted on twitter today and must of missed in when it was released on cassette (but it looks like that might have been in 2017?). Regardless I thought the album title, “Panama Papers” was a perfect vaporwave sounding experience. Runners Club 95 does not let down on the vaporwave expectations.

Out of the 13 tracks not he album, 時間の無駄 AFTERNOON is my favorite followed by Troubles of Mind. I enjoyed the feeling of floating in an atmospheric canal I could imagine the Panama feeling like. What suprised me the most was this album is entirely original. I wonder what happened to these duo, they have that original sound I would have thought in 2018-2019 we’d see more from them.

Find the whole album on bandcamp, “Stupid little fool / Stupid little things”.

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