Daily News: Yung Bae Concerts, new cassettes and more – 4/24/2019

Physical Releases

Sangam - Roads (cassette)

Sangam – Roads (cassette)

An Unreleased mixtape waiting to see the light of day since 2012… Batch of 50 Tapes available. Read more…

クリスタルKITSUNE cassette

クリスタルKITSUNE – Beach Babes and Vapor Waves (cassette)

The cassette is finally out, last night at 11PM EST. If you went to bed early but are awake early this morning to see this, they might have a few left. Check it out quick.

S?K - OUTWORLD (cassette)

S?K – OUTWORLD (cassette)

Not every day do we see vapor hip-hop album come out on cassette. Glad to see that. Read more…

Digital Releases


September 20-22 Yung Bae will be playing Life Is Beautiful in Downtown Las Vegas. I’m kind of at awe at the fact that Yung Bae and Post Malone + Billie Eilish are on the same flyer. Pretty amazing.

Album of the Day

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