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I’m going to stop doing reviews of every single album that is released digitally daily. There’s too many, some times I don’t get a chance to listen to them fully or I don’t groove with it. So I’m adding a “Other Releases” header to each daily news. Call me lazy or whatever but this will also allow me fully listen to albums I really like each day and write better reviews of them.

猫 シ Corp. & t e l e p a t h – Dawn over the Metropolis

猫 シ Corp. & t e l e p a t h are coming out with an album titled “Album: Building a Better World” together. Hiraeth announced the vinyl will come in two forms, a cassette and a CD with expected release day some time in July 2019. More news to come on the weekly this Friday.

Physical Releases

Passage by System96

Passage by System96 (Passage (EP) Limited Edition Cassette)

Out now on cassette, an editionn of 50. 4 tracks of chillwave / vaporwave. Check out the track “System Boot”. I once visited a Dish Network office for a tour and they showed us a server room with all these local servers connected. My mind was thinking about that during this song.

Digital Releases

Data​-​System Convergence by ASVMR

When I dream of my perfect studio set up, I imagine multiple beautiful synths sitting in a dark neon light lit room and total creative freedom to build atmospheric lost space ambient operas. This album right here is exactly what I imaged it sounding like just missing a few Gundam blaster sounds. This album brings me back to when I first got my Korg Duo and Delay making crazy synth sounds and the use of cheap reverb / echo to emulate space. Nanocataclysm brings me back to those simpler times. Thank you ASVMR for taking me on that journey again.

My Brother My Brother and Argeïphontes : Lobster Quadrille VS Time Domain Mutation by My Brother My Brother and Argeïphontes

This 51 minute single titled, Lobster Quadrille VS Time Domain Mutation, starts off with radio (podcast) talking mashed up into a weird inncoherent story and it just keeps going. I wasn\’t feelinng it to listen to the whole song.

The Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging
by M.A.S.S.

You gotta experience this with headphones, a major trip. This is almost more a technical feat of how music can be manipulated into art for someone like me that has no clue how to use a DAW. Crazy.

Other albums released today

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