A few Lo-fi hip-hop releases to mix it up for July

Vapor releases

Universal Healthcare // DMT​​​​​-​​​​​725 by ⊛ われらは平和に来る≌≟ SUNSHINE STATE SECURITY

“Not many people know this, but DMT Tapes FL was founded six months after I faced an inability to work or hold a regular job, due largely to the undiagnosed chronic pain condition that I have struggled with across my life. Until I am able to regain the healthcare I had as a child, I will likely never be in a body that allows me to reach my potential. I have forged a career for myself out of the digital music curation scene because I can set my own hours and allow my body to take it easy; it is a privilege to receive medical care in my country, but it should be a right. This album is made in dedication to, and staunch advocacy for, the single-payer universal healthcare system as proposed by several legislators. More than half of Americans believe in this system and I believe it is outright violence to oppose healthcare as a human right to those who cannot afford. This is why Medicare for All is something I will always believe in: I will never be healthy until I have steady treatment and testing done, which I will never afford under this current system that stipulates the unemployed from ever receiving private coverage.”


a 20 minute long experimental ambient track. I never heard of the artist before I just thought the album art looked aesthetic.

Dolphin​-​Safe by Chopin ScrüJah

“A vaporwave tribute to DJ Screw!”, and I can totally feel it. It even has tracks featuring ミスト M Y S T and other artists. I know ミスト M Y S T is a huge DJ Screw fan, so it’s cool he’s part of this. Who else ate tuna fish pouches in middle school? Forgot about that little character.

Lo-Fi Hip-hop Releases

Cityscape (Yokohama) by Night Tempo

More lo-fi music from Night Tempo. At first I thought it was a joke that vaporwave / future funk artists go Lo-fi but I think Night Tempo might be taking this pretty seriously. He mixes his signature Future Funk sound with lo-fi, which I think makes his take on the genre fresh. It does sound more produced.

vibe with me by Sweeps

I met up with a vaporwave collector in Sydney and he introduced me to Sweeps. Telling me he’s one of the best lo-fi artists around. I gotta listen to more of his music to support that claim but I love his aesthetic. Deep space, space ships and the adventure of another world. This album is pretty standard lo-fi.

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