3/26/2019 – Cassette / Vinyl RELEASES

Content Awareness. byStream☾atcher

Stream☾atcher is new to me but I really dig this vaporwave album and 6 cassettes are left. So grab them while they’re hot. 


HATENA – @htnajp


“It’s also looking for releases of any internet based genre but we are more keen on just releasing stuff from our group.  With the occasional new alias here and there. We have like 3/4 new releases planned”


TANUKI – カタカナ・タイトル

Announced last night, Tanuki released two versions of カタカナ・タイトル on vinyl. A pink edition and picture disk. The picture disk sold out in 15 minutes, go figure while the pink edition is still available.

If you missed out on the picture disk version tomorrow other set will go out, more information is expected to be released on his twitter.

Keep an eye on his bandcamp and hopefully those who want it get it.https://neoncityrecords.bandcamp.com/album/kanji-title-double-ep

Board Meeting Dreams by Gufuビルギヤ

https://powerlunch.bandcamp.com/track/coca-cola a preview of the album Board Meeting Dreams with the track Coca Cola went out. Gufuビルギヤ is releasing a pretty cool looking cassette in a transparent green. There’s still 6 cassettes available, go grab one.

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