The perfect day for chillwave fans + other releases

Today is a great day for digital and physical releases for chillwave / synthwave albums. Some in the hypnagogic theme, some in the future sound and other with vapor. I’m sure you’ll find one.

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Physical Releases

Motorised by Motoroto (Limited Edition CS)

Really killer chillwave hypnagogic pop. Today is an awesome day chillwave artists. Grab this one on cassette limited to 50 editions.

Fall Sampler 2019 + T​-​Shirt by Pacific Plaza Records (Black Logo Shirt w/ Custom Gradient)

This is a really cool way to sell merch. Not only is the music sick, it’s a great way to add some clothing vapor fans hand. If you buy a t-shirt you’ll get this sampler on a mini CD and sticker. Each track is by a different artist so difficult to describe but it’s a cool way to show off the type of artists Pacific Plaza signs.

ARISTURTLE by ARISTURTLE (P o s s e s s i o n edition cassette)

ARISTURTLE has been hyping up this album all week and I’m happy to see it has released. His debut chill wave album can now be bought on cassette. D i a m o n d b a c k is my favorite track. It’s great mix of vaporwave feels and cool driving synth melodies.

Reading Room by Diskette Park (Limited Edition Cassette + Digital Download)

I think quote on the Bandcamp explains this album really well “Diskette Park’s signature and simultaneously amorphous style shows nicely here. This feels like some kind of step into new territory, while appealing to the back to basics aesthetic of truly great Wave. 16 tracks of very well executed plunderphonica” – 1002

Arcadian Screen by Des Une (ARCADIAN SCREEN by Des Une on CASSETTE)

It’s been a while since a full ambient album on cassette. It’s various droning evolution, very calming. As some of your might know I’m not the biggest ambient guy but I’m happy to see ambient get physical releases for those who do like the genre.

Digital Releases

Jerkin’ Houz (Catz ‘n Dogz Remix) by DJ Deeon & DJ Haus

The album art on this house track is insane. I love that music allows people to create album art that visually describe their being or their music. This track isn’t exactly super hero material but it does have that awesome classic house sound.

Colour Television by Seasonal Photos

This album is a nice collection of vapor that is mixing with some of the sounds I like inn signal wave. That broken old cassette sound is really strong on this and I am really enjoying the simplicity in sample evolution. Favorite track: Drift.

日本の懐かしい天気 by 気象庁の予報

Why is signal wave so good to me. I love this sound so much. 放送する 001 brings me back to my GBA days, maybe a memory of morning breakfast. Eating eggs and playing pokemon while the weather channel was on in the background. 放送する 003 is that successful track after creating a band account lol. 放送する 006 is like that mysterious event happening in a black and white movie. I don\’t know, random thoughts but i just love signalwave, weathersoft music.

So what did you guys think of today’s releases? Find anything cool or buy a cassette? Come share it with us on the discord and hang out with other vaporwave fans!

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