New single from Tokyo Wanderer + 4 other releases

Physical Releases

L O V E S I C K by Oracle FM (First Edition Cassette)

“L O V E S I C K tells the story of a special girl who finds love in the last place she would think – the supermarket. Reveling in this new and fleeting sensation, she spirals down a dark rabbit hole unlocking secrets of her past, and upon reaching her lowest point learns that unbeknownst to her, she is, in fact, an android.” Limited to 35 cassettes

T H O U G H T S by ZMS (Limited Edition (CD-R) Compact Disc)

Not every day do I get a vapor related hip-hop album with skits. The raps are pretty good, the skits are on theme and the music is lo-fi. If you dig it, there’s 25 CDs available for this this album.

Halcyon Days by 4T Thieves (Halcyon Days Cassette)

A dark ambient album with a drum line that grabs the listener and brings them along with the mysteries of the city. Limited to 25 cassettes

Digital Releases

Loveless [Ft. LaVera] by Tokyo Wanderer

New single out by Tokyo Wanderer. I didn’t even know this was coming out considering I spent last weekend with the guys. The mix of their funk, live instrumentation and the new additiion of LaVera vocals is a dream come true to take Tokyo Wanderer to that next level. Everything about this song from the synths, tempo and lyrics creates a beautiful package that makes you creve more. This is the second song with a featured vocalist. I think maybe it’s time Tokyo Wanderer turned from 2 piece group to a 3 with the addition of a full time singer. Maybe even a female as this song works so well. 10/10

American Dream Mall by Nostalgic Depression

Mallsoft usually takes to a distant time when malls were fun to hang out, the buildings were packed and the music from every shop felt classic. This album is the opposite, dark, depressive and further on the dreery ambient side. Post-mallsoft I suppose.

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