Lesser Known Vaporwave genres and other releases

I was interested in seeing what other sub genres existed that I didn’t know so asked out to the twitter community. There’s a massive amount more than I expected. I’m glad I have some free time tomorrow cause I’m going to go through the list and see what sounds I can start following more. Then I’ll start reporting on these artists of the these genres. Hope everyone can catch some interest this post.

Digital Releases

False Narrative by 天気予報

There’s something special about the first album you listen to each day. It’s like turning on the news and seeing what the world has in order for you. It shapes your thoughts, your mood and the overall expectations that can make life better or worse it’s up to you. That’s what I got out of this album, False Narrative. Signalwave is my favorite vaporwave sub-genre next to climatesoft, and this album is a great collection of what those genres truly consist of.

⌔ by Everly Pale

It’s a pretty typical drone minimal ambient album, the good news is I’m working on stickers for 100% Electronicon and this album helped me stay focused on the task as this played in the background. So that’s something.

classic _ Æsthetic by v i r t u a l _ b o y

I’ll give you a guess on what this album sounds like.

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