Learn about Japanese secrets with B L U E by テープ bleed

Physical Releases

unapologetically you by SELA. (DMT-019: limited edition cassette)

9 cassettes remaining as of posting this. According to the artist: “focus of this tape: healing, release of old energy that may not be beneficial to you, finding / getting re-acquainted with your purpose, etc.”. To me just sounds like typical ambient but I can see meditation practices happening with tracks like the beauty of you. but calm me down feel too unorderly and completely changes the rest of my thoughts on this is just an ambient album.

Digital Releases

B L U E by テープ bleed

According to the creator, “This album holds Japanese secrets. Dark corridors of Japan’s hospitals and abandoned schools would be the best places to listen to the album.” I actually want to play Persona on the PSP while listening to this album. Same feels tho I bet.

worldwide information by ▦ポカリスエット▦

heyyyy. this is a good album to wake up to. CBC logon makes me feel like I’m ready to take on todays challenges (a 27 hour flight from Australia to London). The tracks are a tad repeative by with most being under a minute and a half, you can enjoy it before it become annoying. I also really liked the song World News.

Dr Pepper by Nostalgic Depression

Dr Pepper is a chillwave / vaportrap album. Track 2, Mystic, feeling like the most well crafted. I don’t know how I feel about the album art it’s artistic but edgy and I don’t get why you’d called the album Dr Pepper.

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